Birthday Celebrations

Covid-19 School Year Birthday Schedule:

Due to Covid-19 safety guidelines, we will not be celebrating class birthdays with food items or drinks. However, students are welcome to bring goody bags with other items (see list ideas) so that I may pass out to students before the day ends. Please make sure that all items are disinfected before putting into bags. If your child would like to make goody bags for the class, please email me so that I can approve ahead of time and confirm student count :)

Goody bag ideas:





Regular Academic School Year Birthday Schedule:

Each month there will be several birthdays! To be good stewards of time and learning, we will celebrate all birthdays in each month on the last Friday of that month from 2:30-3:00 (days/times are tentative based on events and holidays). I strongly encourage you to bring in already prepared treats and snacks for students. Please email me 2 weeks prior if you would like to participate so I can plan accordingly and make sure there are no snack or treat repeats. Peanut free treats please :)

Here some suggested treats/snacks to share with the class:

  • cupcakes

  • fruit (grapes, tangerines, sliced apples, blueberries)

  • Cheeze Its/ Gold fish

  • pretzels

  • Capri Sun drinks/Apple and Eve juices

  • Yogurt

  • fruit snacks

  • already made goodie bags